Shukketsu Kanri System
“Shukketsu Kanri System”:
Suitable for managing attendance for events and meetings

Attendance status of events and meetings can be easily recorded as data.

Attendance status can be checked easily and quickly with IC cards.
The system can be used as a data logger using IC cards.
Customization for the link to the existing system and on various data will be provided.

Easy to use operations

  1. Turn on the terminal.
  2. An administrator holds his/her IC card over the terminal.
  3. Participants hold their IC cards over the terminal.
  4. The administrator finally holds his/her IC card over the terminal.
  5. The data are stored (within the terminal or in a SD card).
  6. The data are output in CSV format by in a SD card or by a direct link to a PC.
  7. The data can be checked and summarized with Microsoft® Excel®.

Stand-alone operation

After “Kaiketsu Through Shusseki” finished collecting clocking in/out data, they are imported into attendance applications by connecting to a PC or through a SD card.

Real-time operation

Attendance is taken in real time with attendance applications by linking “Kaiketsu Through Shusseki” to a PC through USB.

Example workflow of operation using the system

Checking a bus-tour participants
[Checking a bus-tour participants]
1. Send IC cards to participants before the bus tour.
2. Take roll calls upon gathering and during the tour.
3. Check the attendance data on a PC.
4. Collect the IC cards when the group dissolves.
Checking attendance at an exhibition
[Checking attendance at an exhibition]
1. Send admission cards (with IC) to participants.
2. Check attendance at reception.
3. Check attendance at each booth.
4. Check questionnaire response.
5. Finally collect the cards.
Checking attendance at safety training sessions
[Checking attendance at safety training sessions]
Suitable for checking attendance at a meeting inviting members from different locations
Checking attendance at safety training sessions
[Checking safety in a disaster]
Keep IC cards in emergency kits, which can be used for a roll call in an emergency.


  1. Checking attendance in real-time
  2. Importing attendance data (Importing from the terminal/importing files)
  3. Importing a member master file
  4. Importing an event master file
  5. Output of attendance data in a CSV format

Operating limits

  • Number of members in a member master: 5000 (maximum)
  • Number of events in an event master file: 50 (maximum)
  • Number of attendance registration: 200 (maximum)
    *Specifications are subject to change without notice