Kaiketsu ShuugyouAttendance Management System for Business
“Kaiketsu Shuugyou ®”:
Suitable for managing attendance at any type of workplaces

“Kaiketsu Shuugyou ®” is an attendance management system using palm authentication system and IC cards.
The system allows quick and accurate management of employee attendance at workplaces with frequent employee turnover or with many temporary or part-time workers. The system streamlines approval process of vacation and other applications, allowing status of employee attendance to be viewed at a glance.
The system supports quick and reliable management of employee attendance.

System configuration

[Client/server version]

Client server version

Suitable for companies where in-house data management is preferred.
Various customizations, such as allowing flextime work, are available to be made.

[Cloud version]

Cloud version

Best suited for customers who need no customization and wish to use the system right away.
Further, it does not require server operations by customers.

[Light version]

Light version

Affordably-priced version with minimal functions


[IC card authentication]
[Touch panel]
[Palm authentication]
[Application Control]
Submission and approval of applications, such as, paid leave and overtime work applications are completed on a PC.
[Paid-leave management]
Paid leaves granted and remaining days are automatically calculated.
Attendance based on flex time system can be managed.
Calendar is provided reflecting legal holidays as well as “non-legal (company-designated) holidays”.
[Summary function]
In addition to summarizing at each month, summary can be provided on a monthly, daily or weekly basis.
[Batch output through printer]
Monthly attendance record showing attendance for the month and its summary can be output in PDF in a batch.
[CSV output]
Data managed by Kaiketsu Shuugyou can be output in CSV format.
[Link with payroll data]
Data output can be made in a format according to the associated payroll software.

Types by clock in/out methods

Four types of clock in/out methods are available.

Touch panel
[Touch panel]
Uses a PC and a touch panel display.
(A mouse may also be used for operation.)
An employee selects his/her department and name on the touch panel to clock in/out.
(There is no function to verify identify of the user.)
Touch panel
This is a terminal with IC card-based authentication function.
The light version can only be used with this terminal.
Android tablets are required.
The basic configuration uses wireless LAN.

Touch panel
[Palm authentication]
Uses a PC.

IC card standards

Mifare, FeliCa